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Discover 5 faces of Australia

An adventure vacation in Australia with Alyson Adventures

It's easy to get to know the other travelers in our small, friendly, gay and lesbian groups.

An active, outdoors vacation with Alyson Adventures.

See five faces of the globe's biggest island. Bushwalk in primeval forest. Dive or snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Then enjoy the world's most festive gay parade!


Boomerang!: An adventure vacation in Australia

Here's what previous travelers have said about Boomerang!

"Rarely does a tour exceed your expectations. This did! My first, but not my last!"
    —R. F., Woodbury, Conn.

"The perfect combination of adventure, sightseeing, group activity, and time on your own."
    —Gene Bunge, Wilmington, Del.

"A wonderful trip - from mountains to the sea, rappeling into mountain streams and swimming with sea turtles. An excellent way to see Australia with friends."
    —Evan Boone, Portland, Ore.

"A first-class trip. It provided many varied activities and a chance to experience three different aspects of a friendly and beautiful country: Sydney; the mountains; and the tropics."
    —Ron Gaddon, Chicago, Ill.

"I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Boomerang! trip planning, itinerary and leaders - a super adventure!"
    —Paul Hanson, Corolla, N.C.

"There are now several gay tour operators taking groups to Sydney and Mardi Gras. When comparing notes with the others, I found that we saw more - and had a lot more fun -- than any of the other groups."
    —Ken, Pasadena, CA

"A first class trip. I enjoy traveling on my own usually - but had the opportunity to be with the group or on my own whenever I wanted. I didn't feel herded."
    —Richard Thibault, Westport, Mass.

"Sydney's Parade defies adequate description - you have to be there!"
    —Bill Fader, Ferndale, Mich.

"A lot of trip for your money with attention to detail and quality!"
    —K.O., Washington, D.C.

"Thank you for organizing and planning such a great trip - it met all my expectations and more - the group was great and each day was filled with a new adventure. I will remember the good times and memories for a long time."
    —M.R., Chicago, Ill.

"The trip of a lifetime! I can't say just how pleased I am with my decision to travel with Alyson Adventures."
    —Keith Coffee, Albuquerque, N.M.

"Exceeded our expectations, especially the activities and our great guide. We will be encouraging friends to come with us on our next trip."
    —John R. Lamb, Ithaca, N.Y.

"This was a trip of a lifetime! It was the perfect mix of activities, thrills, great scenery, cultural opportunities, sun, great cuisine & group Camaraderie. Book it!"
    —Kris Briggs, Portland, Maine

"Had an awesome time! I was in Australia for a month and the "Boomerang Tour" was a great way to spend the second half of my Great Australian Adventure. Alyson Adventures had a very interesting, fun itinerary. Thanks for the great memories!"
    —Aji Montenegro, Toronto, , Canada

"Exceptional trip - wide variety of activities, great hosts, good company, fantastic country this Australia."
    —L. B., Orlando, Fla.

"What an incredible trip, fun & knowledgeable guides & a chance to see everything Australia has to offer."
    —Ted Fielman, Riverside, Calif.

"A great combination of city activities and more active activities outside of the city."
    —Alan Phelps, Atlanta, Ga.

"This trip definitely broadened my horizons, and I would recommend it to anyone!"
    —Raymond Arthur Dunn, Riverside, Calif.

"You will never see & do things in Australia, you never expected."
    —Russ Walter, San Francisco, Calif.

"I had a wonderful time! The variety of activities was excellent. My partner could go canyoning, while those of us less adventurous could shop."
    —Paul Anagnostos, Boston, Mass.

"Terrific and fun! Seeing Australia with a great group of guys (some of whom became good friends) was the only way. Just try to keep me away from another Alyson Adventure."
    —Jim Tushinski, San Francisco, Calif.

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